Friday, February 02, 2007

Till Death Do Them Part

Celine Dion and Rene Angelil are getting separated.
   Celine's heart won't go on forever.
   Nor will Rene Angelil be gambling a million dollars a week in Las Vegas forever.
   The Angelil family burial plot is in the Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery here in Montreal along with the Sara clan, who are intermarried. Of course Rene has a finger in many pies familywise with wives before Celine: Denise Duquette and Manon Kirouac, fathering three kids with that duo.
   The Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery routinely entices celebrity widows and widowers for their spouse's famous remains, as it's a good marketing thing to have big stars like Maurice Richard in your boneyard. They often give freebie accomodations for such famous dead.
   So you know they'd kill to get Celine's boney bones buried here but word is that she's planning to lay her remains somewhere out in the country village where she's from. Meanwhile it's expected that Rene will lay stretch his legs in this spot when his time is up.

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