Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Zbigniew Brzezinski's Montreal recollections

Last week Coolopolis showed you the house that Zbigniew Brzezinski grew up in after his diplomat father moved here when he was about 10. Dad lost his job at the embassy when the country turned communist but Zbigniew received a good education here in Montreal at something called Newman House, which appears to no longer exist. His career ultimately brought him to become Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor - the Democrat equivalent of Henry Kissinger if you will. He helped normalize relations with China, renew the arms limitation treaty and organize the Camp David accords and helped the Afghans resist the Russians. I asked him about his memories of growing up in Montreal.

"My first experiences in Montreal were associated with our stay on St. Sulpice Road in Westmount and my attendance at Newman House School, an English-type prep school. It was a new cultural and linguistic challenge, though, I am proud to say, that I soon did quite well.

We used to go for summers to the Laurentian Mountains, various places that I don't remember too precisely but the name Val de Bois comes to mind, then someplace near St. Agathe, and finally my parents bought at the end of WWII a farm near Morin Heights. We also used to ski there.

I considered Montreal to be a very beautiful city, though, as I got older, I also became more aware of some of its more provincial aspects. The English-speaking community Westmount was an island of sorts, and the French-Canadian community was living quite apart. It was only through the influx of post-WWII immigrants that the city acquired a much more lively cosmopolitan character.

I used to play soccer when attending Newman House School and I was a forward, but I do not remember any spectacular athletic accomplishments."

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GOOD OLE BREEZY: Nice cutesy piece on one of the central members of the anglophile-centric cabalistic move to destabilize foreign governments in the name of profiteering. Read: bigshot Illuminati member. Helped start the Taliban/Al Qaeda, relishes in his crimes against humanity. Look it up...