Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dashed projects - 1968

Two downtown projects that never happened. The Eaton-Mace project was a $125,000,0000 building slated for the area bounded by St. Catherine and Sherbrooke between University & Mansfield. It was guided by Brigadier-General Gordon Dorward de Salaberry Wotherspoon. The Montreal Trust mortgage group took it over after Mace ran out of cash.

The Place de la Concorde was a $250,000,000 project to be plopped between Milton and Pine, Ste. Famile and Hutchison, roughly the area of what they tried to do a couple of years later with the La Cite project which would have levelled much of the McGill ghetto had it not it not been largely blocked by protests.


Shawn said...

Great shot of the McGill ghetto project.

Shawn said...

Added as a citation to the Wikipedia article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McGill_Ghetto

The article will need to be expanded to match the added info on your piece, but at least it's there

Anonymous said...

wow this would have been a great addition to the downtown core. Too bad it never happened.