Monday, February 20, 2012

Frank Shoofey's murder still unsolved 26 years later

  You might've noticed that cops have still not solved the murder of lawyer Frank Shoofey late at night in October 1985 in his office at 1030 Cherrier. Apparently you needed a key to get in through every door and the shooter apparently did his work quite cooly and calmly, pumping four bullets into the hairpiece-covered head of the son of Lebanese immigrants. Many thought it was a mob hit connected with a conflict between his management of the fighting Hiltons and Don King who also coveted them and had some kinda contract with those boys.
   A cop once told me that they got a jailhouse confession from somebody, a cheap thug but couldn't use it in court, so they knew who did it but couldn't try him for it.
   After the murder somebody called the Gazette to take credit for the slaying, saying it was done for the Red Army faction. Surely it was some loon trying to distract the investigation.
   Another notable thing, one of Shoofey's clients was murdered in his lobby in 1979. Shoofey was defending Pierre Quintal, who was accused of running a drug manufacturing operation. Three guys were apparently later charged with the murder.
   Anyway, here's a note I received from someone who knew a guy who might've done it, read on:
Frank Shoofey, the mob lawyer. I'm certain you've heard of him. You can look up the details.
I have (had) a friend who may have done it. He certainly threatened to do it. But as you know, those guys were a dime a dozen.
   He was a paranoid-schizophrenic AND a member of Mensa, AND had a nasty temper.
   Nice combination, huh?
   I haven't seen him since ?? - cannot remember- (perhaps mid to late eighties?) w
We did a lot of reminiscing, and then he apologized for the grief he had put me (and others) through, and then we shook hands. He walked away and I never saw him again.
But I was busy with family, mortgages, bills and worries of is being outsourced phenomenon (yes even back then)
Only perhaps months, years later did I realize that that handshake had some air of finality about it.
He is almost certainly dead now, but I could never get details from the Douglas. "We do not release that kind of information, sir."
He'd be about 73 years old now.

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