Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mom Boucher still presumably alive and in jail

Jason Ryan Starr
was the 2nd inmate
to try to kill Boucher
Garry Brent Huska went after
Boucher with a knife
 Imagine launching a campaign to have prison guards killed, offering big rewards for every scalp, and then getting caught and tossed into prison yourself.
   Bet the guards aren't exactly your best friends.
Gaetan Plante leaped to Boucher's
   Well you will have to imagine what that's like because Maurice Boucher, aka Mom Boucher, has been at the Ste. Anne des Plaine prison for a decade now and there's no real news on what sort of life he's enduring.
   We know that sometime around a decade ago, two native inmates tried to kill Boucher. One, Garry Brent Huska went after him with a knife but Gaetan Plante defended Boucher, who was only slightly cut.
   But Plante received life-threatening stab wounds as a result. Another inmate named Ryan Starr later attempted to kill him with what was described as a homemade bazooka. It was an electric device which had enough of an odour for a prison guard to pick up the scent and stop any attack before it happened.
   The attacks were possibly ordered by the Manitoba Zig Zag Crew a Hells Angels sub-group. Both attacks took place in the common area of the Special Detention Unit.
   Nobody was charged with a crime in either case.


Chuck said...

I thought Boucher is still in a women prison all alone in his special section?

Anonymous said...

no, actually from what I understand, he was only in the women's prison for the time period in which he went on trial for his crimes. after that he was transferred. the wierd part is this information isnt from the internet...even i tried to look up something on the net about his so called "whereabouts" and things like that, even though i already knew where he was, but couldnt find a thing?! my guess is that they kept that kind of information from the public to TRY to protect Boucher, like they think no one will ever find out!

Gary Starling said...

They need to release him.

macsi said...

hey ben