Monday, December 10, 2012

Gio D'Amico - finally on trial four years

   As you might recall, Gio D'Amico, a well-known entrepreneur in Montreal's west end, was arrested in July 2008 on charges of assaulting four Montreal streetwalkers.
   Some might have wondered what ever became of this story.
   The answer might be almost as shocking as the crime he was accused of: after four years and four months, his trial has just begun.
   D'Amico plead not guilty to the charges but the case has been subject to repeated delays.
   The witnesses and four alleged victims in this case have been ready to testify from the start -- with the exception of one, who has since passed away.
   It is not rare for defense lawyers to seek delays when a certain type of accuser or witness is thought to be less likely to be willing or available to testify after a lengthy delay, such as in the case of a drug-user or a sex worker.
   There is no saying that this is the case in this instance, however.
   I have been told a bit of the details of what D'Amico is alleged to have done but won't repeat them here due to the fact that the trial has yet to take place. It didn't sound particularly gentle however.

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