Monday, December 10, 2012

Juan Rodriguez - local dean of rock writing

Trailblazing Montreal rock writer Juan Rodriguez has written great articles about every conceivable arts-related subject and he now definitely owes a us memoir of his fascinating life.
   The story would tell of how he came to prominence by writing passionate, informative must-read rock reports that influenced a generation of readers.
   His thoughtful, insightful and well-written articles, include this one on Michel Pagliaro and many more about local francophone acts that are too often overlooked by anglos.
  But rather than just march onwards like a typical media lifer, Rodriguez jumped ship in 1980, moved off to California for a while, then returned only to realize he had missed a chance to invest in the Trivial Pursuit juggernaut that would have made him rich.
   He trudged on, making ends meet by freelancing and penning questions for the game invented by his former colleagues.
   Rodriguez has endured a difficult 15 months, having battled a vicious case of diabetes which has claimed one of his legs and he has been hospitalized with other health issues as well, nonetheless he is motoring forward, still penning high-quality articles up to his usual standards and vows to continue to do so.


MTLaise said...

What spirit and class this guy has. Always enjoyed his stuff. Hope he knows he has gained a lot of followers over the years. Here's wishing him peace and health-and saying "Thank You".

Anonymous said...

Is he home now, or stil in the hospital?
Does he want visitors?

autoliterate said...

remember Juan's great columns....he was missed after he left Montreal...always a cool critical voice in a city with generally awful music......Ì appreciated his liner notes in one of the Jesse Winchester albums....