Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Montreal men and their 70s headgear

The Montreal Star published this list of locals dishing on their lids on Feb. 21, 1972, an era where hadn't yet started to suck at hats.
   Where are they now and what hats do these superstar lid carriers wear these days. Please let us know!

Top row: 1-unknown 2-Richard Piche 3-Leon Llewellyn 4-D. Hodgson 2nd row: Alex Fodor, Don Logan Julio Piedra, Edmond Rafle, Bottom row: Earl Kimble, Edmond Maman, Murray Dwyer.

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nicky said...

Leon Llewellen was one of my high school teachers at Laurier MacDonald High School in St-Leonard. Do not know if he is still teaching. Great guy. made me love photography.