Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Nils documentary

   The photo at left is of Alex Soria, who led an influential Montreal rock group called The Nils until his death at age 39 in 2004.
   The story of his terribly sad decline into drug hell is one of echoes with particular poignancy and can be seen as an index of the era in which he lived, where a generation of great talents were forced to struggle in bleak hopelessness as a talented generation was sacrificed by silly ethnic bickering and the ensuing economic hardship that resulted.
   It's a story that needs to be told and I was delighted to learn that filmmaker Demetri Estdelacropolis, who had spent several years in Europe, has undertaken to create a documentary on the rise and fall of the Nils, which essentially consisted of Soria and his older brother Carlos, who played bass.
   If you have any tips, stories, photos, or any other useful information please gmail it on to me at megaforce and I'll convey it to the film-making team.
Photoshop recreation of me at the Nils first-ever
concert at Con U VA building in 1981. 
   The Nils played their very first public gig at the VA building on Crescent and Dorch in 1981 and everybody who was everybody was there, I was told.
   In fact upon further verification with my girlfriend at the time, I was indeed one of those watching on at that landmark gig, as the band played a gig along with Peter Sandmark's Paradots.
   This is nice to hear, as I missed all of the good concerts of my era, Kraftwerk, ABC and Bauhaus, missed 'em all. Instead I attended a lot of lame shows, The Jam (whose records I still adore), The Police, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cult, etc.


MTLaise said...

Could have been illicit substances in the air, but I seem to recall a fairly decent Police concert somewhere like the U. de Mtl.
Long before we all got well sick of Roxanne.

Davey said...

I've met Carlos a few times over the past decade, most recently we shared a couple of beers and smokes about 6 months ago at a squat/venue in St Henri.. (there are tons of them, specifically in St Henri,and probably all worth writing about btw)

The band got back together a year or so ago and are playing shows under the name The Nils FC. Can't remember if Carlos said he was singing or someone else took over vocals though...

Davey said...

Here's a clip of them playing at Foufs last summer for Pouzza fest..

Nick Dagan Best said...

The Police concert on the Ghost in the Machine tour in August 1982 was at the McGill Stadium, not UofM. Opening acts were A Flock of Seagulls, Corbeau and the English Beat. Not a lame day at all, although Corbeau were not well received.

Tobe Damit said...

My name is Niko. I take care of everything on the net that is about The nils so yeah I could be of a big help to you. The Nils are : Carlos Soria (Bass, Lead vocal), Marko Donato (Guitar), Phil Gravedigger (guitar) and Colin Burnett on drums. They just opened for The Dead Kennedys at the corona Theater last night. Just contact me through The Nils Facebook page, I'm on everyday.

Tobe Damit said...

Here is an interesting link for you:

I have all the infos and contacts that you need. I have been there since Carlos decided to re issu most of The Nils album and reforemed the band. I know Los personnally and I been in charge of their pages on the net officially for around 3 or 4 years. Like I said, if you guys are serious about this contact me throught their FB fanpage. My FB name is Tobe Damit. Cheers.

Tobe Damit said...

Sorry but I'm not sure you got the previous comment I wrote.. So..Here is a very interesting article that has been written on Alex first anniversary of his tragic death. It was written by Chris Barry, singer of the 222s and close friend of mine: I talked about your project to the Nils manager Peter Wark from the Donald K Donald team and he, like me, thinks it would make such an interesting documentary... We are at our entire disposition as to give you pointers when needed, Los is available for interviews, I can easily put you in contact with him. Just gimme a buzz throught their FB fanpage. Don't be shy!

Sincerely, Niko aka Tobe Damit

Tobe Damit said...

Here is an article relating everything that happened before the daeth of Alex: very thourough..The guy who wrote this article is the singer of the 222s Chris Barry who is also a close friend. You might like to contact their manager Peter Wark from the Donald K Donald team. I am not gonna give you his email publicly so like I said just contact me through their FB fanpage. I also take care of their YouTube(Lots of clips there under TheNilsBand,I can direct you very well in your research. Give you Carlos phone number for interviews, etc... All you need. We been thinking for a long time it would be very interesting to have a dicumentary on the Nils. Just gimme a buzz! I talked about this to Peter (their manager) and he is all for it. not wait too long cuz there have been other people wanting to do this for a long time. We are just waiting for someone serious.

Niko aka Tobe Damit, webguy, friend and Nil's fan. Will give you all the pointers you need.

Tobe Damit said...

Can I have the email of someone in charge of this documentary plz? Seems you are not really interested by the help we are offering..Are you guys serious or what?

Terry Toner said...

Hi, I am the guy in the center of Alex and Guy, Terry Toner the original drummer for The Nils. There is no question as to making a documentary or even a movie about the Nils because there is an exceptional story to be told (and I have a shit load of stories). Please send me an email at: