Thursday, January 24, 2013

The unspeakably horrific Jacques Cartier Bridge murders

Chantal Dupont, 15, and how she might've looked

Maurice Marcil, 14, and how he might've looked later
 Maurice Marcil, 14, and Chantal Dupont, 15, were murdered by a pair of thugs while walking home over the Jacques Cartier Bridge from Longueuil from a GĂ©rard Lenorman concert at Place des Nations at La Ronde on July 3, 1979.
   They were confronted by two men armed with a knife and starters' pistol who forced them onto a gangway below the bridge, robbed the boy of the $2 he had in his pocket, raped her, strangled them and then tossed them over the bridge.
   The killers had already committed at least five brutal robberies and rapes on the bridge but hadn't actually killed anybody before that.
   One previous time, Pimpare and Guerin raped and tortured two young boys on the bridge for about an hour, leaving one to run home naked.
   After killing Dupont and Marcil, the killers wandered around afterwards and enjoyed the rest of the evening and then robbed Reine St. Amour, 70, breaking into her home on Bordeaux St.
   Pimpare looked like he wanted to kill her but Guerin prevented him, saying "no, not three." So they narrowly fellow short of a murder hat trick that night.
  But they left behind the rope they had used to detain Dupont and Marcil and that eventually became evidence against them.
   The victims were initially listed as missing but they washed up on shore and were found about a week later.
   They also stupidly returned to the bridge to commit other disgusting crimes on a later date. That was not a good idea because police rounded them up and they were tried and after three days of jury deliberations, were put away with life sentences on October 17, 1984.
   As usual, much more has been said about the criminals than those who perished, so I've made a pic of the two who died, with a suggestion of how they might've looked had they made it to 47 and 48 years of age, which they would have been now.
Gilles Pimpare in 1979 and now in prison
Normand Guerin in 1979 and how he might look
now after serving 30-or-so years.
   The killers are still alive. Gilles Pimpare has repeatedly applied for parole and always been turned down.
   Some not-so-fun facts: in spite of his claims of repretence, Pimpare was found to have had a photo of a young naked girl on his computer standing near the Jacques Cartier Bridge in 2003. He is the oldest child of a family of eight that grew up near Frontenac and Ontario and was frequently beaten by his father. He also beat others too, including his principal for trying to hit him with a lash.
   His life in crime began with a short sentence for a crime spree he committed with Normand Guerin but he appeared to be on the road to rehabilitation after his first release and was busy selling encyclopedias.
   But then he hooked up with Guerin once more and the two got their incredibly stupid idea to terrorize, brutalize and even murder innocent pedestrians on the Jacques Cartier.
   I believe that the barriers erected a few years ago would prevent others from committing a copycat crime, but one mentally retarded man tossed a five-year-old child off the bridge around that time as well, so it's a good thing tha stuff has stopped.
   Pimpare granted several interviews from inside prison and reported that he had been repeatedly beaten and forced to provide oral sex to other inmates and had attempted suicide three times in his early days behid bars.
   Norman Guerin was released a couple of years back, having apparently never completed any of his therapies within prison, only managing to complete grade 11 and a cooking course.
   One of his victims complained that Guerin was relocated to a halfway house two blocks from his home. The same victim pointed out that while the perpetrators were given all sorts of government-paid services and therapies, he himself was deemed ineligible for IVAC, the provincial victims' compensation fund.
   Dupont's parents, who are religious Catholics, said from the start that they will pray for the souls of the criminals, which inspired a film called Le Pardon.


Anonymous said...

The photo of the young Gilles Pimpare (what a sick man and what a last name!) reminded me of someone, and it struck me - he looks like that shoe bomber guy. Not the black one but the other weird lookin one. Had long hair parted in the middle and heavy lidded eyes. I generally stay away from guys who look like this as they always seemed to be odd. I don't like to stereotype but just making a sensible and sound generalizations! Robert

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I notice you sometimes do these "morbid" Montreal stories. These are the kinds of things I like to read. lol I'm not crazy, its just interesting for some reason.

Anyways, my grandfather told me about a woman that died of spontaneous human combustion in Verdun.
Do you happen to know anything about that?

I tried searching but was unable to find anything.

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a collective BOOOO! to corrections canada.