Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Where did the Pensioners Club steal their sunshine?

  This fascinating Conrad Poirier shot, spotted by the ever-resourceful HaroldRo, shows something described as the Pensioners' Club. It was taken on April 24, 1938, meaning these guys are at least 135 years old now if they're still alive. (Saw that one coming a mile away - Chimples). We don't know where it was shot. Anybody? 


DenisH said...

First thought was Benny park in NDG, but I think this park is smaller, plus the homes on the right don't match. But it does have an NDG feel to it...

Bob Gowans said...

The guy on the left is wearing dude!

UrbanLegend said...

Too easy.

If the slope doesn't give it away, simply check the building with the arches just above the two centrally-seated gentlemen on the right hand bench.

NDG Park facing northeast toward Girouard.

M. P. and I. said...

Back in 1950? we stood up slope to watch the Royal Cavalcade with the King and Queen pass by on Sherbrooke.

When he passed away, the lights on the Cross on the mountain were changed from White to Purple.

Those 'classic' concrete-ended park benches were once everywhere, initials C de M and C M cast into their faces on the legs at ground level.

Thank You.

Wayne Dayton said...

NDG park at Girouard/Sherbrooke was a prime location for teen hookers, local high school girls looking for some extra cash during the Dirty 30s.
The CN Rail cops from Turcot at the foot of the escarpment were big clients, more so than the CP men from the Glen.