Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Nite Lite double murder claims the Laramee brothers

Cody and Jamie Laramee
  A mellow Canada Day in Montreal was shattered with news that a gunman had shot two men dead in a bar called the Nite Lite (aka the Mezza Luna) in a strip mall on Newman near LaPierre.
   The two dead are brothers Jamie Laramee, 37, and his little brother Cody Laramee, 25, considered top foot soldiers for Richie Matticks.
   A third man was shot but will recover.
   One explanation that I have heard is that two guys were having a heated  issue with the two.
   Somebody's gun went off and the two guys believed that they were being shot at, or were about to be shot at.
   So one of them quickly drew his pistol and the fatal shooting began. .
   Cody was known to be a happy-go-lucky young man, friendly, outgoing, head-shaved, local Irish guy. On acquaintance told Coolopolis that Cody "didn't have it coming."
   The brothers were associated with the West End Gang and the older one, Jamie, had an association with a mafioso named Pietro D'Adamo, who is currently in prison serving six years on charges related to the Colisee investigation that slammed the Rizzuto crew.
   They were believed to be involved with a circle of drug distributors, 10 of whom were busted 17 days after the killings. That group includes Joseph Penning, 48, Michael Penning, 20, Curtis Christensen, 46, Casey Wolak, 35, Gerald Bourgeois, 50, Jason Chang, 55, Christopher Parent, 25.
Cody Laramee (left) and older brother Jamie Laramee
   Jamie Laramee, was described by one witness as a "a tough guy," served two years on involuntary manslaughter in the beating death of Michael Pugliese, 34, in 1999.
  They are survived by their parents Wayne and Jinny Laramee. Jamie had a son named Michael. Cody was survived by fiancee Allison Barney. They were buried in the Cote des Neiges cemetry.
Owner Gino Nesparoli
   The bar had seen its share of adventures in the past, owner Gino Nesparoli had taken it over in May 2010 and it had its license suspended for 10 days later that year.  The RACJ didn't much like that other Nesparolis, Sergio and Vincenzo also seemed to be owner, or part-owner, or something. Authorities shut the bar down on July 5, citing previous files in which unnamed assailants had tried to burn his car, torch the bar, kill him, and kidnap Gino Nesparoli in separate incidents.
   Nesparoli, assuming that there's not more than one of them in Montreal, is a 43-year-old divorced electrician, according to a court document
   According to La Presse Peter Mountakis was pistol-whipped in the attack and Anthony Pugliese, whose father was beaten to death by the older Laramee some years earlier, was also there.
   Gino's brother Vincenzo later said that Gino was shot in the leg in the attack but he did not report it to the police. 
Gio Armani and staff
   The LaSalle bar ecosphere is known to be a sometimes rough, with bars such as the Voodoo Lounge  and the Haraiki.
      Such was true of the Laramee brothers' old haunt, the Petit Méné Bar Billard across the street at 2220 Lapierre, which had its license revoked in 2009, partially because the Laramee brothers were known to hang out there.
   The Petit Méné had also been robbed four times in 2007 and 2008, twice while closed (once for $5,000 from the safe) and twice by men with guns, who robbed clients and another time grabbed $3,000 from the register.
   The bar was owned by Rosalie Macri and effectively run by Mario Macri, Domenico Macri, Vincent Macri and Gino Calantino. Authorities were unimpressed that Rosalie knew very little about her own business.
   The Nite Lite, however, doesn't come up in any records as a troubled place, not at least until the Laramees attracted it there.
  It is, as you can see in the photos, a pub-style place which attracted a slightly older crowd, although crowd might be a misnomer as even on their halfhearted Facebook page photos it appears that they never attracted much critical mass.
   The manager appears to be someone named Gio Armani and there were Habs jerseys, Italia flags pinned to the walls, a pool table, foosball, karaoke nights, and wet t-shirt contests.
   So why would someone come in and shoot two people dead and hit another? Drug turf war, would be the obvious conclusion and if it's that, hopefully it's not the sign of a larger struggle to come.
   In a city that has barely seen any murders since the end of mafia settling-of-accounts in February, it's a bit of a shock. It's the kind of barroom blast-up we haven't much since the days of Richard Blass or the biker war of the 90s. We'll keep you posted on anything we hear.


UrbanLegend said...

Actually, the question should be, "Why should we be surprised about such violence?", when you have a volatile mix of local yahoos and hotheads flaunting their girlfriends in front of middle-aged, frustrated bums with questionable backgrounds and who either encourage or otherwise fraternize with known criminals and gang members.

Who then patronizes such venues and for what reason: the usual suspects...the usual reasons.

The facade of smiling faces, the boozing, drug-fueled flirting which too often descends into confrontation and weapon-flashing, "Don't mess with me!".

All this on top of porn-based socializing where "anything goes" and "damn the consequences for tomorrow I die" is a sad formula for a civilization on the cusp of self-destruction.

haroldro said...

Great comment, Urban Legend.

Your powers of observation and description are excellent.

You write well.

Kate M. said...

Since when is Laramee an Irish name? But I've heard that said about them elsewhere too.

They may have been associated with the "Irish mafia" but Laramee is still a French surname.

Brandon Bailey said...

My cousins hated their last name, Kate. Which is why they spelled it Laramie, they didn't like the French name too much seeing as we're Irish.

Mare said...

Who the hell cares how or why they spell their names, these two guys have parents,aunts,cousins siblings and numerous friends who all hurt and grieve. Also they have beautiful girlfriends which they never passed or paraded around, so when your finished thrashing these guys whom you do not even know thank god that you will never have to go through the horror and pain we are going through. Jamie and Cody,s Aunt Mary

Rae-Anne said...

Please do your homework before writing such speculation.
I must correct you on 2 things....Cody NEVER had a shaved head OR and Italian girlfriend.

And Kate M.... who gives a damn what their last name is, or was? They have friends and families who loved them and are dealing with a very tragic loss.
Have some compassion, everyone.

Kate M. said...

Look, I'm not saying Laramée is a bad name, just that it isn't an Irish name and never was, and it reads strange to me seeing that in print. It would be like saying O'Halloran is a Greek name, you know? Doesn't add up.

katie griffin said...

Omg, Kate M, you should know when to shut it - seriously. How about the thousands of Irish imigrants who were adapted by French Canadian families and were forced to take French names?? Check you history! Further, does that make them any less Irish is they didn't have Irish names?? Jamie and Cody knew more about their lineage, heritage and Irish history in one small recess of their minds than you would in yourr entire being. Get a grip woman, and try making your next post about giving condolences. And coolopolis guy, I hate your blogs. You only corrected them so that you could appear as an intelligent member of the press - your re-write starts off as showing some compassion by not slandering, but then goes on to speculate bullshit. Jamie and Cody did more good than they ever did bad. Helped more people that you could ever imangine, people who didn't even know they were being helped by Jamie and Cody. At the end of it all, the world is short of two amazing men who will never be forgotton. Shame on those who see it as anything less than that.
Katie G

Marc said...

@ katie griffin:

You aren't forced to read this blog. Don't like it? You can go read something else.

For you to come here and spew some ad-hominem bullshit screed accomplishes nothing on any side.

Then again, that's precisely what those who have no valid argument to make will resort to.

Mare said...

Same could be said to you MARC you don't like our comments don't read them

Marc said...

@ Mare: Was I addressing you? No.

Mare said...

Marc asshole when you are addressing my hurt family I am talking to you leave things alone you know nothing about thie people addressed in this blog. If you know nothing say nothing don,t bother to respond haven,t got time for the likes of you.

Marc said...

@ Mare: Don't put words in my mouth. On that I promptly return your asshole remark.