Monday, August 26, 2013

Old Horse-tail at Drummy and Dorch to get new image

  All you Krauts and wannabe lederhosen-wearers have been asking me where they can go to have a nice stein of cold Krautbrau but only end up weeping on the floor when I say there's not much action in that department.
   But I can announce that you will soon have an option to bring your German children to dine downtown in the form of the Beer Markt, as the old Queue de Cheval at Drummond and Dorchester will soon be rechristened.
   I don't actually know if it's going to be truly as German-themed as the name suggests but heck it's planned to be cheaper than the old restaurant, whose name is being taken elsewhere by one of the partners.
   In other downtown development news, the massive Selfridges/Ogilvy's/ Hotel de la Montagne project, I am told, isn't exactly steaming along and some have suggested that it might not simply go ahead. One rumour has it that the owner of Thursdays has repurchased his bar and plans to renovate and reopen soon. We really need to get our rooftop terrace and its glorious swimming pool back, don't we?
   Any other solid info would be appreciated.


ndgguy said...

Hi Kristian Keep us posted on this very important development. The rooftop terrace is truly missed . along with the clientele.

erydan said...

"Il n'ya pas d'argent osti!"

It's a term accountants and bookkeepers were using a lot with their bosses in Montreal in the early 90's, I think it is going to come back with a vengeance.

Phillip said...

I believe this is going to become Bier Markt. It's a high-end brew pub with decent fare and a large beer list from around the world. I really enjoy their micro-brews, but in terms of their offerings it's nothing that MTL doesn't already have-- think Les 3 Brasseurs at a higher price point. The only good German beer hall I know of in Canada is on King St. here in Toronto -- Wurst.

Dooley Michel said...

Dorchester blvd wtf

Dooley Michel said...

another angryphone who refuse to pronounce rené Lévesques

Dooley Michel said...

the blvd is called René Lévesque not Dorchester

naughty moose said...

The bar itself was excluded from the deal at the very last minute. Owners son is looking to reopen. The hotel however will meet a wrecking ball in the next few weeks.

Marc said...

Maybe they decided to shelve the plan seeing that, at some point, interest rates will have to go up.

That will put a screeching end to the condo boxes going up on every other street.

The entire economy is floating on top of these next-to-nothing interest rates.

ndgguy said...

Hey Dooley Blah blah blah. Dorchester,Western,St.James. English money built this city,including the hospitals,until they were stolen in 1971.Maybe you should just apologize & thank our English forefathers for their contributions to Quebec society.What did Peladeau,Marois,Levesque do other than line their pockets , and destroy the economic climate of what was once the greatest city in Canada. Maybe you don't remember this city at one time , but take a walk in the various neighbourhoods , it's a disgrace. By the way,the 14th Premier of Quebec. Louis Taschereau was my great grandfather.

haroldro said...

Hey, ndgguy. I worked with an S/D Taschereau about 20 years ago on the Montreal PD. Nicest guy you'd ever want to meet. Once told me that former Premier Taschereau was his relative (grandfather, perhaps?)
Any relation?

Theran Sativa said...

ndgguy!!!! you said it. I live in NDG. Growing up my parents always called Rene Levesque Dorchester blvd. That is what it was called when they met.One of my favorite novels, written by Leonard Cohen, uses Dorchester. Rene Levesque is a new thing, how can we deny the atrocities of the past? I think you can call it whatever you like. People have the freedome to express themselves and have the freedom to call things what they like. I have been reading this blog for sometime and if you need to look at archives or Montreal history St James and Dorchester are the street names you'd have to look up to find any information prior to the 1980's or whatever. I think the author uses them for simplicity, if you don't like it then you don't have to hate on anglophones and spread your backward views. In case you forgot Montreal was built on the blood and bones of the aboriginals.

UrbanLegend said...

A former, unlamented, Montreal Mayor Dore (a separatist) opportunistically renamed Dorchester Boulevard into Rene Levesque without consultation under the smokesceen of a "tribute" following the death of the former premier.

In doing so, he broke the rules. So determined was he to get his way before anyone could stop him that the new street signs went up virtually overnight and with "Dorchester Square" tossed in as a "favour" to mollify the outrage. How generous of him.

In any event, Westmount has kept its section of Dorchester intact.

Today, such an attempt at a major street name-changing would generate immediate controversy, anger, and even a potential lawsuit, as has already occurred following the 2004 Park Avenue-Blvd. Robert Bourassa fiasco, despite the fact that former Mayor Tremblay swore he would never attempt to rename streets without public consultation and approval.

Somehow I doubt Tremblay will ever get a street named after him, although corrupt Mayor Mederic Martin has a bridge.

So, is the Bourassa family still in a sulk because they didn't get their way? Their silence is deafening. Why didn't they instead simply rename Blvd. St. Joseph as was suggested?

Certainly, Robert Bourassa is entitled to be recognized and remembered with some sort of civic location, but there is a proper and correct way to go about it without arousing indignation and causing inconvenience to hundreds of businesses located on a major commercial street like Park Avenue; establishments which would have been obliged to spend money creating new documentation, stationery, and directory re-listing. An unfair burden.

Clearly, English street and other place names are routinely targetted despite the fact that there are other streets in the city which could do with a name-change (Pie IX for example), but which are routinely ignored or overlooked.

One wonders what is next on the potential "hit-list"? Victoriaville? Rawdon? Hudson? Granby? Sherbrooke?

On a lighter note see this: