Friday, September 06, 2013

Billy the Whistler hits Queen Mary

Not every bum makes it to Coolopolis. This ain't no mook life.
   But Billy the Whistler just can't be denied.
   I know making it to the front page of Coolopolis might be a little too much joy for this joy-spreading man to endure but we'll take our chances.
   Enjoy his amazing whistling technique...  If you want to see him around live, go to Queen Mary around the Jewish Y and you might get an exclusive show.


Paul Stock said...

I don't get around QM/Westbury at all anymore, but if your whistler is an old guy, just on the off chance...
Try searching for "Whistling Dr. Jack Cohen" on Youtube.

I could have stuck in the link, but I wouldn't want to annoy you. I don't know if Dr.Cohen "does it in the street", and the Youtube is of a local entertainment show from around 1985, but I heard from someone who works there that as of about a year ago, he's still a practicing plastic surgeon associated with St.Mary's and (I think) the JGH, so at least the area's kinda right. If you catch the "Sidney Varna" Youtube (there's a couple featuring him), his performance starts about 1-1/2 minutes in.

UrbanLegend said... The Whistler...and I know many things for I walk by night.

I know many strange tales; many secrets hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows.

Yes, I know the nameless terrors of which they dare not speak!

(Sorry...couldn't resist ;-)