Monday, March 10, 2014

Unsolved murders in Montreal - my TV appearance

Wanted to thank the legendary Mutsumi Takahashi for having me on the local TV news to discuss unsolved murders in Montreal a few days back. Click here to watch.
    I rank the brutal murders of Matt Dutch Garner and Einick Gitelman - who were tied to a chairs and burnt alive in a third storey apartment on St. Remi just north of Notre Dame - as the most shocking. That one just has to be solved.
  Right up there, however is, the case of these murdered kids,* who cops now think might be the work of a serial killer.

   Also a big thank you to Cold Cases Media whose ongoing efforts to solve unsolved murders is a noble effort. That's them in the second photo.
*(From top-left, clockwise): Wilton Lubin, Maurice Viens , Tammy Leaky, Denis Roux-Bergevin, Pascal Poulin and Marie-Eve Lariviere. Police are also linking the disappearance of Sebastien Metivier


Hattie9 said...

Great segment. Many of these cases often cross my mind.

The serial killer theory regarding the Viens/Metivier/Lubin/Lariviere/Leaky etc...kidnappings and murders is a stunning development. I hope this means the police investigation includes more information than they are making public.

Great work on the part of Cold Cases Media! I hope their work leads to resolutions that are long overdue.

M. P. and I. said...

Back in the day, no TV as a mountain in the way, blocking even the ubiquitous all-pervasive CBC, satellite dishes, 8 feet across and VCRs, remember Beta? still to come, I read a new novel titled 'The Tribe' by Bari Woods.

A tragic story about Oppression, Prejudice, Pain, Death, Gollums, a Rabbi and the Jews of Kiev.

Anyway, within the story, the Authoress mentioned the Chicago Streetcar Disaster where the car hit a gasoline truck, and a photo in the paper of the time of the riders heaped cheek by jowl at the rear doors as the flames approached.

She wondered what they were saying to each other all huddled in death.

'What a photo!' I thought, or was it just authoric license, as the whole novel is sort of 'far out.'

Well, the Internet is all pervasive, and all-knowing.

The photo was real.

The novel might fit in with folks setting other folks on fire in St. Henri as per Coolopolis.

Man's Inhumanity to Man.

Read the book.

Ukraine might need a Gollum right now to keep the Bear away?

Thank You.

Piper said...

Good job, KG.

M. P. and I. said...

Just spent a few hours surfing the Internet, discovering some interesting facts.

Discovered mistakes I have made, also.

Canada has it's own Victoria Cross which bears the latin words Pro Valore to avoid the use of French or English upon same.

I also found I used the word 'Gollum' incorrectly, intending to use the word 'Golem' instead.

Just sloppy on my part, and at one time did know there was a difference in spelling twixt the two.

Once surfing, it is easy to get led into the past and visit places such as Crimea, Sebastopol, Babi Yar and the like.

War Monument, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

What a mess this planet is.

Read the Tolkien Books in the Eighties, a major task. Fascinating! and so much has been forgotten in the interval.

Thank You.