Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Montreal Twitter Power Rankings - Who are Montreal's top tweeters?

#1 Genie Bouchard 1,520,000 Every woman wants to be her, every man wants to be with her. She proves that you can still get lousy at what you do and have a ton of fun.

#2 Roberto Luongo 794,000 St. Leonard-raised NHL goalie hasn't lived in this burg for quite some time but never pollutes his feed with boring content.

#3 Sami Zayn 937,000 Wrestler We don't know too much about this guy but he's definitely happening.

#4 Jay Baruchel 314,000 Gains points for having NDG in his name. Loses points for moving away from Montreal. Gains points for tweeting a lot about his cat and replying to notes and following Coolopolis.

#5 Xavier Dolan 243,000 The actor/director looks like a sort of ..uh.. intense person but his feed sometimes sheds light on a lighter side.

#6 Sugar Sammy 299,000 Mostly just boring publicity stuff but occasionally a fun moment peeks through.

#7 Denis Coderre 310,000 Perhaps Montreal's all-time most famous tweet was when the then-mayor urged the Montreal Canadiens to send veteran forward David Desharnais to the minors.

#8 Martha Wainwright 11,000 Mostly just boring concert promos and zero content about her hometown but her cheeky bio is an eye-catcher. "Mostly known for being a bloody motherfucking asshole, I'm also known for interpretive dance when it's not called for."

#9 Bianca Beauchamp model 145,000 Why resist?

10 Jojo Savard 179 The queen of astrology hasn't got many followers in spite of her efforts. Click her and give her a hand's up.

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Others by follower totals

Justin Trudeau 3,800,000
William Shatner 2,560,000 - responds to folks who write him. Not really a Montreal guy now.

Arcade Fire 1,020,000 (Win Butler 27,700 singer).

Grimes celebrity DJ 728,000
Guy Lepage 431,000
Carey Price 366,000.
Steven Pinker cognitive scientist at Harvard 351,000
Corneille 293,000
Jon Lajoie 253,000
Jeff Stinco guitarist 139,000
Gilles Duceppe 126,000
Geoff Molson 118,000
Mitsou - singer turned radio personality 118,000
Francois Gagnon 105,000
Rufus Wainwright singer 96,300
Karl Wolf singer 76,200
Jonathan Drouin hockey player 75,400
Pierre Karl Peladeau CEO 67,100
Martin Brodeur retired hockey player 63,200
Julie Payette Governor General 58,200
Ben Mulroney TV personality 56,000
Roch Voisine  singer 51,000.
Evan Goldberg script writer 42,700
Caroline Rhea TV personality 36,400
Bruny Surin  retired sprinter 31,000
Greg Rusedski tennis player from West Island who renounced residency 28,900
Yannik Bisson actor 27,000
Adam Gopni25,000
Jacques Villeneuve car racer 25,000
Andre Pratte editorialist 23.5k.
Melissa Auf der Maur musician 17,400 
Terry Mosher 12,300 cartoonist
Gregory Charles musician 7,500...
Steven Cojocaru fashion journalist 8,200..
Jack Todd sports writer 7,500
Simple Plan band 6,517
Mado Lamotte drag queen 5,300
Gino Vanelli musician 4060 ..
Mary Pierce retired tennis player born in Montreal but raised in the USA 4,900...
Romeo Dallaire former military figure 3,500

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  1. I can't believe I have more followers than Jacques Villeneuve, Melissa Auf der Maur & Romeo Dallaire. Something is amiss here - https://twitter.com/JasonThibault


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