Monday, May 02, 2016

Likely next PQ leader: 9 things about Alexandre Cloutier

   Now that Pierre Karl Peladeau, the would-be Berlusconi has quit, Quebec's official opposition, the separatist Parti Quebecois, will choose another leader and it could very likely be Alexandre Cloutier, who placed second last time around.
  Cloutier is a 38-year-old lawyer from Lac St. Jean.
  Martine Ouelett, who graduated in mechanical engineering from McGill and represents Vachon on the south shore is another possibility as is Jean Martin Aussant, from Sorel.
1-Cloutier talks a lot about what his girlfriend feels about his activities.
2-He speaks with a noticeable accent of the rural Lac St. Jean region.
3- His girlfriend doesn't seem crazy about him working in politics. "Once in a while I think I can shut this down, go back to Montreal and make a better living than we are doing now. My girlfriend sometimes winks at me and says 'are you sure that we're doing the right thing?' It crosses my mind for sure but politics is like a drug. My girlfriend thinks I'm obsessed. I look at my phone every three seconds."
5-He wants more money for schools.
6-Was very sick with pneumonia last month.
7-He has a name people will like. His first name is #32 on the list of 2015 Quebec's baby names. His last name is the 23rd most common in Quebec. If he had made one higher, 31 and 22 on the lists, his name would be Anthony Fournier.
8-Clearly he was not expecting Peladeau to quit, as he said in an interview last year. "If Pierre Karl Peladeau leads the party for 10 years I'll be 48 years old and my girlfriend might say 'you've been at it for 25 years how much longer will you do it?'
9-He wants to limit bank machine fees, charges you incur when taking money out of a machine. Do people still do that?
10-Cloutier studied at Cambridge and worked at the Supreme Court and says Quebec would be better if it didn't have to "shares its priorities with the federal government. I love Canadians. They are another nation like Italians  that I respect and do business with. I don't feel Canadian I am Quebecer."

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  1. Peladeau's resignation comes as no surprise to me since he was clearly a fish out of water right from the beginning.

    It doesn't matter who the PQ chooses as their next leader because it will be the same tired old message creating economic and social uncertainty no matter how much they try to sugar-coat separation.


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