Sunday, December 24, 2017

Montrealer Jeffrey Tritsis is no more

    It's a sad Christmas for a well-known Montreal family, as Jeffrey Tritsis has died suddenly at the young age of 35.
   The cause of death is unknown but it appears to have been the result of some sort of brain aneurysm or possibly an adverse reaction to a medication.
   Tritsis leaves behind a recently-married widow and a young child.
   He was the only son of George Tritsis, who has long owned the Haraiki Pub on Shevchenko in Lasalle.
   George Tritsis also opened the well-known Pierrette Patates on Verdun Ave., which is named after George's mother-in-law and now run by Jeffrey's cousin.
   Jeffrey told police he was in charge of the Haraiki Pub in one visit in 2006, so he long had close ties to the place as well.
   His mother Dolly McGuire died young as well, as did Dolly's father (Jeffrey's grandfather) the noted Montreal entrepreneur and quasi-gangster Johnny McGuire who co-owned PJ's on Peel and died of lung cancer at 55 in 1984.
   In spite of his Greek name, Tritsis identified strongly with his Irish heritage and is seen on Facebook visiting the Emerald Isle.
Jeffrey at left
Jeffrey and wife visiting Ireland
   Jeffrey had a criminal record in connection with an effort to collect on a deadbeat who borrowed money from loansharks.
   He worked with Larry Cooney in a futile attempt to scare the gambler into repaying money he is said to have owed.
   A former West End gang tough guy tells Coolopolis, "it's easy to catch gangsteritis in that world."
   Many have been mourning the young man's death on his obituary page, with one recalling his as a child, "full of energy, with a sparkle in his eye, he was a lovely young boy."

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  1. A deadbeat obviously needs to have his head put in the deep fryer.


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