Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Does the RCMP have pictures of Ted Cruz's father with Lee Harvey Oswald?

Fred Moore, unidentified woman, Lee Harvey Oswald, Rafael
   Republican presidential nomination candidate Ted Cruz's father Rafael Cruz was photographed alongside John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald just three months before the famous murder, according to a new report from the National Enquirer.
  So what is the possible Montreal connection to this bombshell news story?
  Oswald was spotted handing out Fair Play for Cuba pamphlets along with leftist Fred Moore and an unidentified woman at the corner of St. James and McGill in Montreal in June 1963.
   The National Enquire says its photos show Cruz and Oswald together in August 1963, two months after Oswald was in Montreal and three months before Kennedy was killed on 22 Nov. 1963.
  Cruz lived in Canada at the time, which raises the possibility that he too might have been in Montreal or had some knowledge of Oswald's visit north.
   Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy in Dallas with an old Italian rifle purchased from William Sucher, who owned the International Firearms Store on Bleury.
   A customs officer named J.P. Tremblay told the FBI that he saw Oswald in Montreal handing out pamphlets at St. James and McGill.
   Now does the RCMP have any further knowledge about Oswald in Montreal?
   Well Canadian spies were intensively active in their surveillance of political subversives at the time and the province and even the city of Montreal had a long history of vigorous Cold War anti-Communist surveillance.
  It seems likely that some level of Canadian government force was aware of these events and possibly took photos.
   Maurice Philipps has written extensively about the possible connections between Oswald and Quebec notables such as criminals Lucien Rivard and Willie Obront. He also explores Oswald's connections with Montreal lawyer Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, whose letters remain sealed by the national archives possibly because they relate to the Kennedy assassination. His books are in French which has limited their exposure.
   If CSIS or any other level of Canadian government has knowledge pertaining to any of this, it might be time to come forth with it, as leaked information if necessary. 


  1. I once met a guy in Montreal in the early sixties who had a basement full of hate literature including Nazi stuff. He had spent some time in the Southern US shit disturbing at black protest events. We were blindfolded when we went to his house and the basement looked like it had recently been flooded because the hardwood floors had expanded.
    Ted Cruz's dad loved America so much that he didn't bother to become a US citizen until 2005, almost 50 years after he left Cuba. Ted Cruz is probably more dangerous than Donald Trump. He is a Dominionist who believes that the US is strictly a Christian nation only.

    1. I wouldn't worry about Ted Cruz, he's ineligible to run for president. Only candidates who are "natural born citizens" can run for the presidency. Currently "natural born" means either you are born in the US or both parents are non-naturalized US citizens. Ted Cruz only had one parent who was a non-naturalized US citizen- his mother- and his place of birth was Alberta. So he was entitled to US citizenship, but he's not a "natural born" citizen.

      John McCain was mildly controversial since he was born in Panama. He was allowed to run against Obama because there is a "service exception" in immigration law that allows one's children born outside the US to be considered "natural born" if one is there in the service of the government. John McCain's father was a naval officer stationed at the Panama Canal Zone. Also both his parents were non-naturalized US citizens.

      Ted Cruz' mother wasn't living in Alberta because of a diplomatic position, nor a military assignment nor anything to do with the government. So none of her offspring born in Alberta are eligible for the service exception. Which means Ted is out on 2 counts: 1] He only has the one parent who is a non-naturalized US citizen, and 2] he wasn't born on US soil.

      Some minority opinions say that just having one parent is sufficient, but that is a fringe minority opinion, and he's unlikely to find that opinion anywhere in the Supreme Court or the Electoral College.

      So why he's bothering to run, I have no idea. If he won the primaries, the Republicans would be forced to find a replacement immediately or they would be left out of the election.

    2. lying Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president take a hike lying ted cruz

  2. See my review of The American Trap for more info on the French Canadian Connection to the JFK assassination.



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