Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Has the Rizzuto Row sniper struck again?

   Toronto police have reported that a Browning BLR short magnum rifle used in a recent murder has "a strong connection to Montreal."
   They did not specify what they meant to by it having "a strong connection to Montreal."
   But they presumably did not mean that the rifle liked to take walks at the Old Port and then go disco dancing in nightclubs along the Main.
   The weapon was recovered after drug kingpin Clinton Yow Foo, 37, was shot from a distance of 180 metres, which indicates that the shooter was not a total amateur, although an average rifleman could make that shot, as the rifle was equipped with a scope and a bipedal support mechanism - ie: a sort of tripod, rarely used by hunters.
   So this all brings us back to the Saraguay woods behind Rizzuto Row on Antoine Berthelet Avenue on November 10, 2010 when a killing matching that profile took place.
  Nicolo Rizzuto was shot dead by a .300-calibre bullet which piercd his window and struck him in the aorta.
  The rifle was powerful enough to kill a moose and the 86-year old died at the dinner table in front of his daughter Maria (whose husband had earlier disappeared).
  One might be tempted to conclude that the "strong connection to Montreal" would likely be killing of the elderly longtime mob boss, indicating that the same killer was likely responsible for both jobs.
  That killing was ranked #1 on a list of gangland murders on the respected Montreal site Coolopolis. (Are you totally stupid?- Chimples?)


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