Thursday, April 21, 2016

RIP Prince: What the music icon meant to Montreal

   Prince was among the 10 most- loved famous people alive, so the mourning is authentic and heartfelt.
   But not only is the shocking loss of this Warhol-like artistic icon sad, but it represents the demise of a true original who also left an impression on people who weren't necessarily devoted fans.
   My musician friend told me that Prince inspired him to stay in Montreal rather than move to a bigger city because he admired Prince for remaining in Minneapolis while industry types pleaded with him to move to NYC or LA.
   Instead of moving away, Prince helped launch many local talented people from his hometown, proving that one can succeed and stay loyal and give back to your hometown.
   Prince waited until March 1993 to do his first show in Montreal.
   Tickets cost $30 and his hotel rider demanded 24-hour facilities for his personal chef, a box spring and very soft mattress on the floor, blackout curtains, wines, weights up to 200 lbs, black baby grand piano Steinway or Yamaha, 12 bottles Evian room temperature and a two-speed table fan.
   His June 7, 1997 Montreal show was once ranked by one super-fan as his second-best-ever show, as the crowd sang him Happy Birthday even though he, as a Jehova's Witness, no longer celebrated his birthday. 

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  1. RIP, Prince. I am going to miss you.


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