Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Karla Homolka in Chateauguay

   Reports and social media gossip have suggested that Karla Homolka has moved to Chateauguay and her children are attending Centennial Park School, a public school in the area.
  Homolka is, of course, a convicted killer involved in Paul Bernardo's sex killing spree.
  Upon her release from prison, Homolka expressed the intention of moving to Quebec. 
  After staying here for some time she moved to the Caribbean where she married and had children.
  She is not wanted for any crime and has every right to live anywhere in Canada.  
  She apparently uses the name Leanne Bordelais.     


  1. She may have the right to live anywhere in Canada but she is still a convicted murderer and child rapist. I would not want to live anywhere near her. A despicable human being if ever there was one. Sorry..no compassion for her here.

  2. The human brain matures at the age of 25 (on average). With issues like this, I wish people would turn to science as opposed to ignorance. The girl did her time - leave her be.

  3. She has children, too! Get her out of Chateauguay, that is where I live!

  4. I hope she is identified and chased out of every community she inhabits for the rest of her life. Her husband reportedly said "if people don't like it they can move" but I suspect that once her address becomes common knowledge it will be Karla and clan hitting the road.


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