Friday, April 15, 2016

Montreal Canadiens 24 Stanley Cup wins - were they fixed?

  Is it possible that the Montreal Canadiens won many of their 24 Stanley Cups because their opponents intentionally lost for the benefit of gamblers?
  Sixty-five years ago police arrested nine Montrealers for selling a newspaper questioning the integrity of the NHL.
   The group of young Communists had been selling their Jeunesse newspaper outside of the Forum on March 11, 1951.
  The edition featured a cover story noting that Montreal hockey start Maurice Richard was uncomfortable with the fact that Jim Norris had a controlling interest in four of the six NHL franchises (New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins).
   Only Montreal and Toronto were beyond his control.
    James Norris Sr, long-time owner of the Detroit Red Wings, and his son Jim Norris, the Chicago Blackhawks owner who died in 1966 were both known to be involved in gambling and other unscrupulous activities.
   The United States senate even investigated their ties to the Mafia.
   A bookie told a crime commission that a Chicago goaltender intentionally threw a 1961 hockey game but recanted the next day. He also pointed to family of a goaltender for the Boston Bruins as beneficiaries of the loss, as they had put a lot of money on the contest.
   Under this scenario some of the players - most likely goalies - from the American teams intentionally lost to Canadian teams.
   Montreal and Toronto combined won 13 of the 14 Stanley Cups handed out between 1956 and 1969. They won 28 of the 37 Stanley Cups awarded between 1944 and 1979.

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  1. The NHL was much smaller in those days.


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