Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy in prison - maybe jail ain't so bad

   John Griffin killed his cousin's boyfriend Denis Poirier in 2003 over a $100,000 debt.
   Poirier was urinating on a wall on Atwater just up from Notre Dame when shot.
   Griffin's brother Richard, who shared his Italianophile attitude and clothing preferences, was shot dead three years later in an unrelated incident in NDG, as he owed money to the Mafia.
   These stories remind us that good bookkeeping is important.
   None of this is new.
   But this photo, believed to be taken a couple of years ago, has fascinated the Coolopolis interns for some time.
   John Griffin is seen in prison with his wife, who reportedly bore him eight children.
   It seems impossible for this to be the case, as she looks far too young and spry for a woman who has gone through all that.
  But others insist that it is her. What's her secret?
  Griffin, meanwhile, looks fully relaxed, much more than you yourself do right now while reading this. (WTF? - Chimples)
  One is reminded of the French philosopher Albert Camus' take on drudgery and scorn, specifically his point that Sisyphus enjoys pushing the rock up the hill.
   Camus claims that the only way to triumph over incarceration and other negative experiences is to enjoy the experience. As the stoics suggested, don't just accept your bad fate, embrace it.
   Indeed one researcher presented studies that suggest that prisoners are not much less happy than millionaires.

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  1. John Griffen and his family have always been extremely Religious.
    John and his wife --Mclean (forget her 1st name) are both great looking people and very family oriented.
    Not condoning any bad doing on his (John's) part, according to the law; but don't read anything Nefarious in how they appear. The strength of their family, with great help from their legit brother, Mike, have helped them tremendously.
    Again not condoning bad behavior, only stating they may look relaxed cuz if the help from their family.


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