Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The upcoming ice-age: can Canada survive?

  So brace yourself for a frosty thought on this chilly day just days away from May: it's possible that Montreal and the rest of the world will get colder and stay colder for the rest of your lifetime.
  The ongoing decrease in sun spots has some predicting the return of the Maunder Minimum which kept the planet cold for 70 years from 1645 to 1715.
  This might come as some relief to places like Iran that have been burning up, but it is alarming news for Canada which does not want to get colder than it is already.
   Alas Canada is built on an east-west axis so there's no fleeing south into warmth without abiding by the rules of other countries..
  So if this weather phenomenon is indeed occurring, we must ask if we, as Canadians - to borrow a reverse Parizeaun analogy - are doomed to an icy lobster pot of freezing water?
  If Canada gets frostier than it already is, depopulation could ensue, the tax base would collapse, homes would go empty and real estate would drop in value as immigrants stop coming and Canadians flee to Mexico and other points south.
  After all who wants be in a place that gets to -35 C in the winter and only up to say 22 C in the summertime?
   Heating expenses would be backbreaking and moral would go down the toilet if these predictions are correct.
   So is it time to sell and flee?
  Or buy a snowblower?
  You  might look back on this post in a couple of decades and wonder why you didn't' give this more thought.

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